Bezzera B2000 - Superseeded

This model has been superseeded by the B2013 model.  The Bezzera B2000 is a traditional espresso coffee machine that is very solid. It comes with all the safety features Bezzera offers.  Very reliable and easy to use, with volumetric group control, steamers on both sides and a hot water outlet in the middle.


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This model has recently been updated to the new Bezzera B2013 which will be availabvle in Australia from April 2014.  

Bezzera B2000 - Superseeded


I just love my coffee and it is even better out of a Bezzera!

C. Strowger, Brisbane
  • Price: Call for Pricing ...
  • Bezzera B2000 - Superseeded Key Benefits

  • Styling: 1-2 or 3 group
  • Construction: Premium craftsmanship & quality
  • Body: AISI 304 commercial grade brushed stainless steel
  • Frothing Ability: 3 Litres with 20 Second Recovery
  • Water/steam: Fully flexible stainless steam and water arms
  • Cup Warmer: Large Cup warming station above unit
  • Temperature stability: Dual boiler probe system provides superior safety & greater thermal stability
  • Gauges: Boiler & pump Gauges
  • Boiler Refill: Automatic Boiler Refill, plus safety cut out to prevent damage
  • Options: Volumetric
  • Bezzera B2000 - Superseeded Specifications

  • Power: 240 V/ 50-60 Hz
  • Element: 3130 Watts
  • Group Head: Bezzera Proprietary
  • Water Supply: Plumbed in
  • Pump Type: Commercial Rotary Pump
  • Boiler: 11L
  • Boiler Construction: Heavy duty brass
  • Head Heating: Thermosymphonic
  • Handles: 1 X Single, Multiple Double
  • Accessories: Blind basket
  • Weight: 64 Kg Net
  • Width: 710mm
  • Depth: 450mm
  • Height: 490mm

Bezzera B2000 - Superseeded In Action

Note: This video shows the TE electronic timer model, not available in Australia.

Bezzera B2000 - Superseeded Manuals & Docs

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